Accepted Payments

As a research chemical supplier with a long term experience we have worked for long and understood clients, making sure everything is done with ease on both sides. We accept payments via cryptocurrency or bank transfer.

We also accept offline orders for clients who want to pay with USDT-(TRC-20)

Bank payments must be a minimum of $350

Undelivered Orders

Once your order is placed, we will send you all the shipping information regarding your order. With the long term experience we have there is a very slim chance that your order does not arrive but in case it or non-delivery, we will re-ship your order.

Bulk orders for re-sellers are delivered by one of our personnel.

Delivery Time

Most of our clients always ask us how many days will their orders be delivered. We know before you place your order, you should actually be in need so we have done our best to create a vast network across different cities to make the delivery time shorter. Once your order is placed all we do is confirm your delivery address and relate to our closest stock point and your order will be delivered. Most orders are delivered on the same day but we always tell the client they should expect their orders within 3 days.